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Limited Company Hong Kong

Limited Company Hong Kong

Startupr has an open price policy and we charge our client exactly for the service they order. We have been in incorporation service since 2001. We are experienced enough to offer you reasonable prices. Try to compare Startupr’s prices with the competitors’. If you both are a Hong Kong resident and have a Hong Kong address then you will just need the Incorporation service to help you start a business in Hong Kong. With this, you will pay less. Customize the order form accordingly and pay only for what you really need.

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    Incorporation - government fees 530 US$ + our service Incorporation fee 99 US$. 3 - 5 days to set up yours company.
    Hong Kong expedited filing takes approximately three hours (we guarantee 24 hours company formation) to deliver to you the Certificate of Incorporation and the Business Certificate.
    REGISTERED OFFICE PLAN - 0 US$ per year (free of charge). Startupr must be appointed as a company secretary. It covers regular post from Government of HK. · MODERATE USE MAIL FORWARDING PLAN - Business Address $ 380 USD, per Year + $ 95 USD Credit USD (25 USD Regular Mail , 5 USD per Scan, DHL 95 USD) The right to use our address for government and business matters.
    Local secretary is a must by Company Ordinance.
    Annual return (list of officers & directors) must be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of initial registration date, $ 105 USD ( 25 US$ gov. fee). We remind you of this requirement by email 1-2 months before the due date (Mandatory with company secretary service).
    For each bank meeting, you will need one set of company documents certified by CPA or order Apostilled documents, which might be used, multiple times for every bank meeting. Government bodies or financial institutions accept the certified documents within certain period of time, the usual time frame might be from 3 to 9 months since the issuing. Or you might order Certificate of Incumbency to support the current company structure.
    Postal fees of certified copy of incorporation documents.
    * HONG KONG BASED BANK ACCOUNT - Your Hong Kong entity must be set up prior to scheduling of the meeting with the bank. The meeting with the bank must be set up 10-15 days in advance. This service is free of charge. Our posts will guide you through the process how to make an appointment with the bank. We can help you to schedule a meeting with Hang Seng bank, OCBC Wing Hang or Standard Charter (we would need 10-15 working days to make an appointment). The banks always need to confirm your meeting. Please be aware that Hong Kong banks’ due diligence processes are highly difficult due to stricter requirements. Some of our clients still enjoy successful bank accounts openings. ** BANK ACCOUNT IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY – Local bank will request Apostilled set of company documents issued by Hong Kong High Court. We will dispatch the set of company documents to your country by DHL. *** OFFSHORE BANKS - You can choose from the following banks (no need to travel): CIM Banque (Switzerland), ), Baltikums Bank (Latvia), Europacbank (St. Vincent), Baltikums (Latvia). Personal meeting is required: OCBC Singapore (meeting in Hong Kong or Singapore), ABLV Latvia (meeting in Hong Kong, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Luxembourg), Rietumu (meeting in Latvia after 6 months). For offshore banks, no need of physical presence in the country. Application will be made through e-mail and / or registered mail. We make sure that the application is filled out correctly and will do a proper bank introduction as banks usually cooperate through their agents suhc as Startupr. BANK ACCOUNT OPENING DISCLAIMER - Please note that while Startupr's assistance in opening an offshore company bank account ensures swifter processing, we have no control over any bank's scheduling and decision. Although Startupr may succeed in opening certain bank accounts the same day, most of our clients normally enjoy company account opening within 10-15 working days. In some cases, if a bank requires further information, or a local holiday occurs, there can be several days' delay.
    Do you want Startupr to provide Nominee director or Shareholder? Each Hong Kong company must appoint at least one director and have one shareholder. A director may be an individual or corporation. There is no statutory requirement for the director to be a Hong Kong resident however one director must be a natural person (a physical person). Director and shareholder might be the same person. This service “Nominee director” or "Nominee shareholder" is only for privacy reasons of director, we can offer nominee director service if required.

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