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Indonesia is the fourth populous country in the world which located between 2 continents; Asia and Australia and 2 oceans; Indian and Pacific. Indonesia’s geographical location brings advantages and development to its economic condition and business opportunities. It has become a transit area for traders that could develop Indonesia’s tourism activities and a good location for traders to do export and import. Furthermore, the country’s GDP keeps increasing and boasts the largest domestic market in the Asian continent after China and India makes Indonesia is a good place for traders to run a business.

Indonesia Company might be used for following activities

Software development Holding intellectual property (trade mark)
Consultant Real estate ownership
Trading As a holding company
E-Commerce Any kind of international business


Main features & Advantages

  • 4th most populous country in the world
  • Increasing investment, consumption, and standards of living
  • High economic growth
  • Fast urbanization and growth of the middle class
  • Time-consuming incorporation process

Foreign-Owned Company Registration (PMA) Package

minimum investment plan is above 800,000 US$

The incorporation will take up to 2 months. Package includes full registration, 12 months of rent Serviced Office and Zero Activity Accounting and Tax Reporting (can be upgraded).

Local Company Registration (PT) Package

only available to Indonesian citizens

he incorporation will take up to 2 months. Package includes full registration, 12 months of rent Virtual Office and Zero Activity Accounting and Tax Reporting (can be upgraded).

Local Nominee Company (PT) Package

option for foreigners to own a local company

The incorporation will take up to 2 months. Package includes full registration, 12 months of rent Virtual Office, full package of local nominees (2x Shareholder, 1x Commissioner, 1x Director), nominee agreement and Zero Activity Accounting and Tax Reporting (can be upgraded). (If you hire own local director, the price will be adjusted to 5,400 US$)

Representative Office (RO) Package

the company is limited to marketing and promotion activities and not allowed to do direct selling and receive income.

The incorporation will take up to 2 months. Package includes full registration, 12 months of rent Serviced Office and Zero Activity Accounting and Tax Reporting (can be upgraded).

Order form

How do we register your company

1. Pre-incorporation

  1. Download the order form and send it to us.
  2. Startupr will gather all important information through an online system or send the order form by e-mail
  3. Startupr will check whether all requirements are in completed once the application is received
  4. Startupr will find you a reliable local consultant for company establishment process
  5. You will process the payment

2. Incorporation

  1. Startupr will assist you to manage the Indonesian government law and regulation
  2. Afterwards, Startupr will help you to obtain the documents needed from BKPM, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Notary, and Local District Office until you get your operational license for your business activities
  3. You will get your company established by approximately 2 months duration

3. Bank Account Opening

  1. Once you get all of the documentations, Startupr requires to open a bank account in order to submit investment capital and its operation in Indonesia. Clients must be physically present if they are in the director position unless they give an authorization letter to someone from their company in Indonesia to organize the bank account opening process.

4. Post-incorporation

  1. Filling out the annual return, monthly and annual tax return, and taking care of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). In addition to PMA (foreign owned) Company, please ensure that the company will comply investment report bi-annually with BKPM.

Yearly requirements

Indonesia Support

Startupr provides bookkeeping services:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Maintenance of accounting documents and business records

Monthly tax report, must be filled every 10th of the month.
Annual tax report, must be filled on April of the next year. We will remind you of this requirement by email 1-2 months before the due date.

Investment report, must be filled every six months.

Domicile letter, must be renewed every year (virtual address) or every 5 years (physical office), we will remind you 1 month before the due date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Incorporation of Indonesia Company – General FAQ

  1. Who can form an Indonesian company?

    Anybody can form an Indonesian company. However, an Indonesian company must have at least 2 Shareholders, 1 Director, and 1 Commissioner.

  2. Can I form an Indonesian company with just one person?

    No, because based on Indonesian regulation there should be minimum 2 Shareholders. In the event there is only 1 Shareholder, Startupr can provide nominee Shareholder.

  3. What are the minimum statutory requirements for forming a company in Indonesia?

    For the incorporation, there should be minimum 2 Shareholders (corporate or individual), 1 Director, and 1 Commissioner. If the Foreign Director does not have work permit (KITAS) yet, there should be 1 Local Director to represent the company during incorporation process. In the event there is no Local Director, Startupr can provide Local Director Nominee.

  4. Do I have to have a physical address for my business in Indonesia?

    It is mandatory for PMA (foreign owned) company to have physical offices. However for Local PT, it is allowed to use virtual office but depends on their business activities.

  5. Do I have to have a bank account in Indonesia?

    If it is for individual, you can have an Indonesian bank account once you get your KITAS. But for the companies, it is mandatory to open an Indonesian bank account. Startupr will help you to open a bank account in Indonesia if required.

  6. What are the rules for company names?

    For PMA (foreign owned) company, it is not mandatory to have company names in Bahasa Indonesia. However for Local PT, it is mandatory to have company names in Bahasa Indonesia that consisted of 3 words.

Startupr Service FAQ

  1. How long does the Indonesian company formation procedure take?

    Both PMA (foreign owned) company registration and Local PT registration will take approximately 2 months from the very first process to the time that the company can start running their businesses. There are some processes that are needed to be gone through, especially in getting the official documentations from the Indonesian government. But there is a slight difference for the documentations on PMA (foreign owned) company and Local PT establishment, PMA (foreign owned) company need to get an approval for its business license frompIndonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) while Local PT needs to obtain its trading business license (SIUP) from One Stop Integrated Service (PTSP).

  2. Do I need to be present in Indonesia during the company incorporation process?

    You don’t need to be present in Indonesia as documents submission will be done electronically. If it is needed, you can use an authorization letter to substitute your present to your company’s representative in Indonesia.

  3. What documents do I need to send in order to incorporate Indonesian company? Do I need to sign anything?

    All documents that are related to notary such as article of incorporation and application form for domicile, tax ID, business permit and company certificate are need to be sent to incorporate an Indonesian company. Those documents can be electronically signed since most process are through online system (means you will not be required to physically present).

  4. Can I change to company name once I register the company?

    Yes, it is applicable if once the company is registered then it is wanted to have some revision such as changing the company name. To change the company name, the company needs to do revision to all official documents of the company thus it will take approximately the same time and same process as establishing a new one.

  5. Do I (as a foreigner) need to have an Indonesian partner to incorporate a company?

    It is not mandatory for having an Indonesian partner during incorporation process unless for the Local PT since it is mandatory to have local shareholders and directors. If there are no local shareholders or directors in the company, you need to find someone locals as nominee shareholders or directors for your company.

  6. How do I form and register a local limited company in Indonesia?

    As its name called local limited company, some business fields have limitations for foreign ownership and some business fields are closed for foreign ownership. This type of company should have minimum 100% 2 local shareholders and 1 commissioner. Meanwhile for the director position, there should be at least 1 local director. In case you would like to set up a Local PT but do not have the local persons required, Startupr can offer assistance with that. Local PT are divided according the amount of paid-up capital:

    • Small : above IDR 50.000.000 – 500.000.000
    • Medium : above IDR 500.000.000 –
    • Large : above IDR

    It is likewise critical to consider whether you would need to employ a foreign employee because if you do, the minimum size required is a medium company with a paid-up capital above IDR

  7. How can I deregister, strike off, and wind up an Indonesian company?

    The process to wind up the company is much more complicated than establishing one. The process can take up to 1 year which is related to article of dissolution by notary, newspaper announcement related to the liquidation process and the last wealth of the company, and all company documents revocation (the hardest part is tax ID as the officer will conduct the audit before close the tax ID).


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