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Germany is a founding member of the European Union (EU) and is part of the Euro-Zone (official currency is EUR). It is one of the most stable country in Europe and Europe’s economic powerhouse even. Germany is one of the leading exporting nations worldwide and world-renowned for its technical, operational and engineering and automotive industries. Germany has a well-developed financial and banking market and with Frankfurt one of the leading financial centers in Europe. Germany provides a stable and secure legal, financial and political systems to set up operations in Europe.

German Company might be used for following activities

Software development Holding intellectual property(trade mark)
Consultant Real estate ownership
Trading As a holding company
E-Commerce Any kind of international business
Certain services will require permits to be performed (e. g. banking, financial services, insurance). Startupr will check if any permits are necessary when you submit your business purpose with the order form.


E-Commerce Any kind of international business

Main features & Advantages

  • One of the largest economy in Europe
  • Very well advanced market
  • Low government fee
  • Research & Development oriented
  • Strong Start-up community
  • Official language is German (no English)
  • 3 weeks for company formation

Start a New Company

Limited Company

Unternehmergesellschaft (UG) (haftungsbeschränkt) - Private Limited Companies Introduces the Unternehmergesellschaft (UG – Entrepreneurial Company).

Order form

"Download Order Form and send it back to us by email:"


How do we register your company

1. Pre-incorporation

Fill out the order form and send it to us.

Startupr will check whether all required information is completed once the application is received and will provide you with a power of attorney to be signed by you, the original of which will need to be sent back to Startupr.

  • You will process the payment to Startupr.
  • Startupr will check the availability of your desired company name(s).
  • Startupr will prepare all necessary documents.
  • Startupr will provide you with a separate hosting and mail services agreement (if needed).

2. Incorporation

  • Startupr will found the business company

3. Bank account opening

  • Startupr will open the bank account for the company and pay in the registered capital of EUR 1,000.00.

4. Registration with the Commercial Register

  • Startupr partner will then register the company with the Company Register.

5. Post-Registration Actions

  • After filing the registration Startupr takes care of the mandatory business registration and mandatory membership in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Germany and the payment of the applicable fees.

6. Appointment of designated managing director(s)

  • Startupr resolve to appoint the designated managing director(s) for the company.
  • The designated managing director(s) has to sign certain documents notarized by a German notary public or by German consular officer at a German embassy or consulate which Startupr provides and which will have to be sent back to Startupr or directly to its German partner.

7. Transfer of all shares to you

  • Once the company is registered and the appointment of the designated managing director(s) has been resolved upon all shares in the then fully operational company will be transferred to you by notarized Share Purchase Agreement which will be executed with the power of attorney provided by you. The Share Purchase Agreement will be subject to the registration of the designated managing directors in the Company Register upon receipt of the signed documents from the designated managing director(s).
  • After the transfer of the shares the new managing director(s) will have to legitimize themselves for the company bank account for which they will have to sign documents to be obtained from the relevant bank. For such legitimization travel to Germany is not necessary but the documents signed abroad will have to be signed either at a local branch of the respective bank which offers such services or in a form that satisfies the respective bank in terms of their compliance procedures.

Yearly requirements

  • Filing of tax statements
  • Preparation and filing of the annual accounts
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Startupr will remind you all your responsibilities.