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As part of the European Union (Shengen Agreement and Eurozone), Malta is considered one of the most corporate tax efficient jurisdictions, particularly for firms trading with companies in the EU and North America. Although Malta assesses 35% tax on company profits, when this profit is distributed in annual shareholder dividends, any shareholders not domiciled in Malta may claim a 6/7th tax refund. In this case the net effective tax on company profits is actually 5%. Malta’s legal and financial system provides an excellent structure for establishing a holding company. Minimal or no exposure to taxation creates an efficient exit route for repatriation of profits.


Main features & Advantages

  • All legislation is published in English
  • Holding companies - 0% withholding tax on outbound dividend payments
  • Currently 45 double tax treaties currently in force
  • Sophisticated banking infrastructure
  • Significantly lower business operating costs when compared with most other European centres
  • Higher incorporation cost
  • Requirement to fill Accounting and Audit

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Limited liability corporation is defined as a flexible form of business enterprise, blending partnership and corporate structure.

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Yearly requirements

  • Annual Return fees already paid when you use our service. We will remind you 1-2 months before the filing deadline.  The return must then be completed by your company secretary.
  • Accountancy service charge of $800 USD per set of financial statements. Fees include 25 hours’ bookkeeping to prepare financial statements for audit.  If more than 25 hours required, additional time assessed at $37 USD per hour.
  • Audit, Tax Returns, and VAT Returns required.  We can provide in-house preparation so you can focus on your business.  See our order form, section K, to select which service is best for you.