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Republic of Ireland

Ireland is the twentieth-largest island in the world. Its prosperity depends largely on trade, with the main export commodities being computers, chemicals, machinery & equipment, and pharmaceuticals. Among VAT-exempt products and services are exports, food, health & medical services, and agriculture fertilizers. Ireland’s corporate tax is 12.5%, less than half the current UK level of 28%.

Ireland Company might be used for following activities

Software development Holding intellectual property(trade mark)
Consultant Real estate ownership
Trading As a holding company
E-Commerce Any kind of international business


Main features & Advantages

  • Superior international corporate image (excellent holding company regulations)
  • Ranked 3rd in EU in ease of doing business
  • Low corporate taxes – universal rate of 12.5 % on trade and investment
  • Over 50 double Taxation Treaties (including US)
  • No need for Irish bank account
  • Minimum of 2 directors
  • Following Ireland company formation, financial statements are audited and submitted annually to the Companies Registration Office (however there is tax & audit exemption applying for certain companies)

Start a New Company

Limited Company

is one of the most common form of Irish company incorporation for all of people wishing to establish startup in Ireland. Companies are normally capitalized with 100 issued shares of Euro 1 each.

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How do we register your company

Company Incorporation in Ireland - 4(3) steps:

  • To register your company in Ireland we use CORE - Companies Online Registration Environment


1. Pre-incorporation

  • Check the name of the Ireland company you want to register.  The Cyber Search Center of the Companies Registration Office (CRO) will help you find out whether the company name has been taken or not.
  • Download the order form and send it to us.
  • Startupr will gather all important information through an online system or send the order form by e-mail.
  • Startupr will check whether all requirements are completed once the application is received; and
  • You will process the payment.


2. Incorporation

  • Startupr will submit the application through an online system to the Companies Online Registration Environment (CORE) (The Government Office of the Republic of Ireland) for 24 hour processing.
  • You will get the notification by e-mail from CORE that the company has been incorporated.
  • Startupr will send you documents to be signed. These documents will need to be dispatched back to us.


3. Bank account opening

  • Once you get all the documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Shares Certificate, Memorandum and Article of Association), Startupr will set up a meeting with a Bank of Ireland bank account manager to open a bank account. You do not need to travel to Ireland for bank account opening. However, you can choose to make an appointment in Ireland as well.
  • For bank account opening in Ireland, we will require a few documents to be verified by public notary (two utility bills - bank requirement).


4. Post-incorporation

  • Filling out the annual return and taking care of an Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • You need to apply for VAT if more than ten per cent of the companies’ turnover is generated within Europe. VAT registration is not mandatory, but your company should register for Corporation Tax at least within two years. Startupr will also register you for this when necessary.

Ireland Office Address: Riverside House, Main Street, Dunleer, Co. Louth, Ireland (here will be yours registered office address)

Yearly requirements

Republic of Ireland Support

Annual return – First filing is called the Initial Return (B1). Following filings are called Annual Return (B1). Initial Return must be filed within six months from the date of incorporation.  Best to order this service; we will insert your request to our intranet and secure your obligation with the local government.  Government fee is $30 USD.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be held within 18 months of incorporation, thereafter annually.  Company secretary takes care of the whole process.

Accounts need to be submitted to Companies Registration Office (CRO) with the B1. The first set of accounts must be filed 18 months after incorporation

Audit - If turnover is less than 350,000 EUR (approx. $525,000 USD) in any fiscal year, no corporation tax is owed.  If turnover exceeds 350,000 EUR (approx. 525,000USD) or taxable profit exceeds 40,000 Euros ( approx. 60,000USD), corporation tax is owed at 12.5%. These are very good rates, especially for startup businesses.  If turnover is less than 7.5 million EUR (about $11.25 mil USD), no audit required.