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United Kingdom

75% of the UK’s GDP are services such as law, accounting, recruitment, marketing, advertising, event organizing, IT, etc. London is widely known for its financial industry, generating 35% of the nation’s GDP. According to the FTSE, more than 60% of the UK’s top 100 listed companies, and more then 100 of Europe’s 500 largest enterprises are headquartered in London. London is a major center for international business and commerce, leading the global economy’s other “command centers” of New York City and Tokyo.


Main features & Advantages

  • Low filing fee
  • Simple, easy, straightforward business incorporation
  • Prestige location for international companies or startups
  • UK is party to more double taxation treaties than any other sovereign state
  • Top trading and financial center
  • High taxation
  • Annual returns required
  • Every company must have a registered office in UK

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Limited Company

Private companies limited by shares.  Share capital and liability of signed members is limited up to unpaid amount of their shares.

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Yearly requirements

  • Annual return--required filing at Companies House at least once annually. This is completely separate from tax returns that must be filed with HM Revenue & Customs(HMRC).
  • Annual accounts—must be filed annually with Companies House.
  • Directors’ Self Assessment Tax Return.  All directors must complete a self assessment tax return and submit it to HMRC annually.
  • Tax return.  All UK limited companies must complete a corporate tax return and submit it to HM Revenue and Customs.
  • VAT.  If registered for VAT, company must complete a VAT return and submit it to HM Revenue and Customs.  This is normally required quarterly, with certain exceptions.