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The official language is English, Spanish is the first language of Belize, a former British colony. Belize is the part of Central America region mostly focused on the agriculture, while the banana industry is the biggest employer. International Business Company (IBC is an ideal corporate vehicle for international financial transactions) is a legal entity with highest level of privacy protection.


Main features & Advantages

  • No foreign exchange control
  • Exempt from all local taxes
  • There is no requirements of a minimum paid up capital
  • No requirements on shareholders and directors (not filed with Registry – not available to the public)
  • One person might act as director, secretary and shareholder
  • Small country with not very well developed banking sector ( however we might offer you another jurisdiction in regards to bank account opening e.g. Malta or Mauritius)

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IBC Company – International Business Company is a tax-free corporation designed for engagement into all forms of international business.

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How do we register your company

The whole process of incorporation might be divided into 4(3) parts:
1. Pre-incorporation

  • Download our order form , complete and send it to us with required documents (kindly include 3 possible names);
  • we gather all important information through our online system or order form might sent by e-mail;
  • once we receive the application we will check name approval and advise you.
  • If approved and confirmed we will check whether all requirements are in order; and
  • payment.

2. Incorporation

  • We prepare the memorandum and articles of association and submit the application to the Companies Registry (BIBA) for 24-hour processing;
  • You receive scanned copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association as proof that the company has been incorporated;
  • If requested, we proceed with legalization by apostille and prepare the resolution electing director(s), resignation of subscriber’s rights and share certificates.
  • All original documents are dispatched via courier or if bank account requested we send application form via email.

3. Bank account opening

  • There are possibilities to open a bank account in Belize or in European Union - Malta, Latvia or Switzerland.
  • It really depends what you chose from the order form - please check out the section for "bank account opening".
  • Once we get completed application form, we review the forms and attached certified copy of corporate documents (depending on the bank, may have to obtain legalization by apostille) and forward application to the bank with introduction letter.

4. Post-incorporation

  • Prepare relevant Registers for the company file.


Requirements to register your Belize company:
- There is no need to be Belize resident in order to open up a company.
- You need to fill in your particulars (to our application form) and send it to us online, e-mail.

Belize Office Address: 1 ½ Miles Northern Highway,P. O. Box 1922,BELIZE CITY, Belize, C.A. (here will be yours registered office address)
Tel: +852 817 036 29

Yearly requirements

100 USD – government annual renewal fee