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International business company in Seychelles

IBC - an International Business Company - is the most commonly used official name for what is more popularly known as an "offshore company". Please fill out this order form to form the Seychelles offshore company and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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    Incorporation - government fees 100 US$ + our service fee 89 US$. Bear in mind that government fee is every year the same.
    Seychelles expedited filing takes approximately 24 hours to deliver to you the Certificate of Incorporation and the Memorandum & Article of Association. Regular filling takes three (to five) working days.
    Registered office (Mailing address) for one year. It's a mandatory to have Seychelles address.
    We charge $ US 155 per apostille bound if it’s required plus $ US 95 onwards for courier depending on quantity of documents to be dispatched. These Documents need to be certified; Original Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum Articles of Association, Resolution Electing Directors, Resignation of Subscriber’s Rights.
    Postal fees of certified copy of incorporation documents.
    Documents to be submitted: Original, Completed Due Diligence Questionnaire, Certified Passport Copy of all Directors, Secretary and Beneficial Owners. Once you decide to chose your bank we will provide you with documents which are supposed to be filled up. The package also includes 280 UD$ - COI - Certificate of Incumbency.
    Do you want Startupr to provide Nominee director or Shareholder? Each Seychelles company must appoint at least one director and have one shareholder. A director may be an individual or corporation. There is no statutory requirement for the director to be a Seychelles resident however one director must be a natural person (a physical person). Director and shareholder might be the same person. This service “Nominee director” or "Nominee shareholder" is only for privacy reasons of director, we can offer nominee director service if required.